It seems like every rapper is getting into the tech game these days. From interactive video games to Snapchat filters and an online web series, they've found even more ways to spread their message. But without a doubt, the fastest way to cash in on the digital world is through emojis.

In case you've lived under a rock for the majority of the new millennium, an emoji is a small digital icon used to express an idea or emotion via text. People have come to use emojis in place of words more frequently, to the point where they can have entire conversations with just the images.

Recently, rhymers like The Game, iLoveMakonnen and Fetty Wap have all released their own personalized emoji packs so that super rap fans can infuse their conversations with images from hip-hop culture that we know and love. The Game's emoji pack pokes fun at his underwear selfies and beef with rapper Stitches while Fetty gives you the option to put Jersey's one-eyed wonder "cooking pies with his baby" in your bae's text messages to show your affection. Even Drake's father, Dennis Graham, has his own emoji pack, featuring Drizzy, of course.

Even though it may seem too niche to be profitable (who knows how often you'll use the naked Lil Dicky emoji?), some of the emojis are actually useful for everyday conversations. Many of the rapper emoji packs you can find in the Moji Keyboard over at the iTunes App store. Check out the best emojis from the various rappers' emoji pack. Which one is your favorite?

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