Gucci Mane has had one of the most interesting comebacks since his recent release from prison. With multiple albums dropped and numerous features, now he delivers his brand new record “Drop Top Wizop Freestyle.”

Produced by Murda Beatz, the record catches Gucci rapping about his luxurious drop-top whips, iced out wrists and his homie who just got released after doing a 10-year bid.

“Tell the valet to be careful when he park my whip/He don't even look like he can park my whip,” Gucci spits. “Jump out right in front of the club like I own this bitch/Who that ridin’ with ya, oh that’s just that dope man bitch/Got my arm out the window showing off my wrist/Got the top chopped off like I ain’t got good sense/Call me fur Gucci, it’s a lot of niggas that wanna murk Gucci/No, not the old Gucci, not the fat Gucci/Please don't bring him back, not the old fat cat Gucci.”

With a brand new look and many new moves he's made, Gucci Mane is showing everyone that a second chance is possible. He recently teamed up with Rick Ross and the two have a film coming out soon. Not only that, but the Atlanta trap star has a autobiography that he’s dropping later this year titled the The Autobiography of Gucci Mane. He also teamed up with Nicki Minaj and the two released their video for “Make Love.’

Listen to “Drop Top Wizop Freestyle” below.

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