Audio Push gets deep with their new song titled "Letter2U," which is produced by Price aka Larry Belafonte. "Letter2U" is the first release of 2017. The record finds Oktane and Price rapping about the tough times they had to encounter in their lives.

Oktane starts off the song, "How do the good girls go bad?/Do we blame the ex-nigga or the dad?/Or do we blame the next nigga? Like an ass/Saying everythin you like for a night/Then he hit it, out of sight/Or do we blame the girl that don't know how to listen?/The one that got hurt, lied, and says she forgives him/Then he work his ass off to see that she don't trust him/And he becomes an ex because he sees that she don't love him."

Price comes in for the final verse before the songs cut off abruptly. "Thinking 'bout waking up to scrambled eggs and turkey bacon grease/Kirk Franklin on full-blast, my granny making me/Clear the table, take the trash out, them was her basic needs/And basically, I was glad to fufill 'em/I guess it's just a letter to you, I'm missing your soul/Missing you wanting a sip of brew so I got sent to the store,"he raps.

Most recently Audio pushed released their My Turn 31 mixtape. Bump "Letter2U" above.

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