Did you know that Wiz Khalifa has his own day in Pittsburgh? Yup, since 2012 Dec. 12 has officially been dubbed Wiz Khalifa Day in the Steel City. To celebrate, Wiz dropped an unreleased track titled "Bombay & Lemonade" featuring Juicy J and Chevy Woods. The song appears to be a loosie from the time the former XXL Freshman was making his fourth studio album, O.N.I.F.C. Joyous, free-spirited and booze-inspired, “Bombay & Lemonade” is perfect for your kickback needs.

"I'm on that Bombay and lemonade/That's what be sippin' on/Ridin' clean and sitting low/Rollin' all my weed 'til it's gone," croons Wiz on the hook. Always down for a turn up, Juicy J starts the track on a high note.

"Trippy like bombay paper planes/Pints of codeine, pounds of Mary Jane/If I didn't have my dope, I would go insane/24/7 high, I will never change/Need my vicadin, I need my lortabs," raps the Three 6 Mafia legend.

Last week, Wiz celebrated the four-year anniversary O.N.I.F.C. by releasing three unreleased tracks that were intended for the album.

“The process that went into making [O.N.I.F.C.] is a little bit different,” Wiz said to Hot 107 FM’s DJ Hershey G. “I spent more time and was really, really, way more personal on this one; not really personal with the lyrics, but with just the whole project, everything that has to do with it. So I think that people are going to be able to see that, and really feel that, and hear it in the music too.”

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