Soulja Boy has seemed slightly off his rocker recently, but he still wants the world to know, despite his erratic behavior, his pockets are on Professor Klump. The Atlanta rapper does so with the release of his latest song, "Whole Lot of Money."

Big Soulja is in flex mode, boasting about his riches and gun collection as he raps, "Wake up in the morning and I'm getting to the cake/Bought a Lamborghini then I went and bought the Wraith/Smoking on chellato so you know I'm out of space/Calling up my lawyer and you know he beat the case."

The artwork for the single features a wrist and hand covered in expensive jewelry.

SB's big pockets might have been the reason he got out of a recent jam. Two weeks ago, he was arrested on gun charges after someone called the police with a tip that the rapper was in the possession of a firearm. Police searched his home and discovered a gun. He is currently on probation from a 2014 gun arrest, and cannot have guns in his possession.

Soulja bonded out a short time after he was booked. Earlier this week, the charges were dropped. “I am looking forward to focusing back on the music and new business for 2017,” he said in a statement after learning the good news.

It appears as though this song will end up on a new mixtape SB is dropping on Christmas titled Big Soulja.

Stream "Whole Lot of Money," above.

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