Young Money signee Baby E. links up with Lil Wayne and Hoody Baby for "Bando," a catchy record slated to land on Baby E.'s upcoming project Kill the Noise.

All three artists take turns remembering when life wasn't so easy and reflecting on how difficult it was to get where they are now.

Baby E. handles the hook and first verse, crooning, "Shout out to my day-ones/And the place I came from/Living in the hills now/Used to be a trailer/Me and all my homies/We done came a long way."

Weezy steps up to the plate next, spitting, "Nothing's ever easy/Was on the outside looking in with a squeegee. Then I got the game from Juvie, Turk and B.G./I went from wearing C-Z's to yelling 'bling-bling'/Lord I remember when the birds was just Tweety."

About halfway through his verse, Tunechi switches up and starts describing his current life, rapping, "It's my way or the highway, and I see traffic coming/And my homies got more white than abercrombie/So baby knock yourself out she started shadowboxing/And my homies wear all black, act like they gothic/And these hoes act like they topics, bitch we talk 'bout profits."

Baby E.'s Kill the Noise is expected to release on Jan. 1. Until then, you can listen to "Bando," or go back and peep Baby E. and Weezy's other collaboration, "Finessin."

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