Big Gigantic have created a buzz worthy of their name in the world of live dance music, and on their new track, "Miss Primetime," they pair their saxophone and drum-heavy sound with the cool rhyming styles of Pell for a lively and swinging ode to someone worthy of the spotlight's glare.

"I wrote this for the woman that is so sexy, it's considered a talent," Pell said in a statement. "I would put on a show for her. Big Gigantic made a sexy instrumental, so this came easily - the lyrics are merely a reflection of what I was given."

The Colorado production duo were equally as jazzed to work on the collaboration, writing, "We had been itching to work with Pell. We sent him the instrumental and he sent us back a vocal masterpiece. This is one our absolute favorite songs coming out on our upcoming album."

On the track, Pell speeds up his flow to a near-dizzying pace, saying before, "Baby, it’s too late, to jump out that window / Remember, that you’re a star, in my car, as we creep slow." Pell last dropped off a two-piece of new music earlier this month in the form of "Show Out" and "Basic Beach," which were produced by Take a Daytrip and Like Minds, respectively.

Listen to "Miss Primetime" up above, with Pell's last project, LIMBOdropping this past November. The New Orleans rapper demonstrates his versatility on the mic, with more gems on the way.

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