Ralo will be spending more time behind bars after a federal judge denied him bond on Tuesday (May 15). The move comes after Ralo was arrested in April for transporting nearly $2 million worth of marijuana.

According to a May 15 report from 11Alive, the judge refused to set bail for the rapper because he believes Ralo is still running a drug empire while in jail. Prosecutors presented evidence to support the case, which included notes that read, "There are a bunch of kids at my mother's house" and, "Try to do these on other phones or in person, the feds are watching."

Ralo's lawyers argue that the notes were from nine years ago, but prosecutors say they found the notes in his girlfriend's purse. The prosecutors also believe the "kids" in the note are code for drugs.

Since his arrest on April 15, the rapper's team and fans have maintained that Ralo is well-liked the in community and is known for his charity work. The judge agreed, and revealed it was one of the main reasons he was considering giving Ralo bail before the new evidence.

Ralo is now facing federal conspiracy and marijuana possession charges. Earlier this month, he entered a not guilty plea for four federal counts of possession with intent to distribute.

Following his initial hearing, his Famerica record label released a statement supporting the artist. "Ralo will continue to work to be the best artist and entertainer and community leader that he is," the statement reads. "We hope that he will soon be released to complete his current show schedule and get back to work with compliance to any restrictions implied."

Check out the 11Alive report on Ralo's recent situation below.

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