Following an April 15 arrest at a Georgia airport and an April 18 FBI and ATF raid on his Atlanta apartment complex, Ralo's legal troubles continue to worsen.

On Tuesday (April 24), the Atlanta rapper was denied bond and accused of running a cross-country drug operation, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Authorities allege Ralo sold drugs from a number of apartments he rents, which are known as "Ralo's Hood." Along with the rapper, eight of his associates, who are believed to be in the Famerica gang, are also named in the criminal complaint.

According to the 11-page complaint, Ralo and his crew traveled twice to California to pick up 964 pounds of marijuana with the intentions to sell it in Atlanta. The rapper was originally arrested on April 15 at the DeKalb-Peachtree Airport after authorities discovered over 400 pounds of marijuana being transported.

It wasn't the rapper's first time being caught with that much marijuana. In December, after Ralo and about 10 people boarded a Dec. 18 chartered jet from Fulton County Airport to Sacramento, Calif., the men returned to the Fulton County Airport four days later, where federal and local surveillance teams saw them transfer 37 packages wrapped in white paper from the jet to a van.

After the van was loaded, Georgia State Patrol arrested three men who were wearing "RaloFamgoon" outfits. Authorities found 520 pounds of marijuana worth $1 million inside the van, which was being driven at night with the lights off.

During his hearing, Ralo's attorney told the court the rapper is an accomplished performer with five children, WSB-TV reports. Ralo also had the support of fans outside the courthouse, who held up signs asking that he be given a bond. "We are just standing here for our brother, hoping he get a bond, praying he get a bond," said Kayla Freeman.

Check out the WSB-TV report on Ralo below.

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