Last night, hip-hop legend and God MC, Rakim, held a rare and special performance at the popular New York City venue, SOBs. Rakim, considered as one of the greatest MC's of all-time, performed an epic 30 minute set that included all of his hits, as well as some surprise guest appearances.

Before Rakim's grand entrance, the crowd was treated to a special set of old-school classics from the '80s, '90s and early 2000's, courtesy of The Finisher, DJ Mister Cee. Going back forth between records, Cee took attendees down memory lane with the classics, and also paid tribute to the late and great Notorious B.I.G. with his Biggie set, getting the crowd amped before the God MC touched the mic.

Rakim came out showing love immediately to his fans, taking time to greet the people in front of the crowd before beginning his set. The God MC kicked off his performance a little after 11PM, going back and forth between records off of his four classic albums from 1987-1992 with Eric B, Rakim gave the crowd hits like "In The Ghettio," "Move The Crowd," and "Microphone Fiend."

Delighting the crowd with an arsenal of hits, Rakim's performance last night was executed perfectly tot he delight of fans. The God MC in between songs, thanked fans for the support throughout the years and promised a new project on the away.

To close out the show, Rakim surprised fans by bringing Busta Rhymes on stage to perform his hit record "Paid In Full." Busta thanked Rakim for the opportunity to rock on stage and gave the crowd a great story about his first encounter with Rakim in Long Island.

Overall, Rakim's performance, energy and delivery was flawless, which kept the SOBs crowd highly entertained, and left fans wanting to hear new material from the God MC.