Raekwon has been delivering iconic raps for over 25 years, one classic verse after another. Now, he's reminiscing on his hood moments and giving out warnings about where he was raised.

The legendary MC is back with a brand new banger featuring Lil Wayne called “My Corner.” With both rappers heavily influenced by the streets, “My Corner” captures Raekwon reliving his violent corner moments as Weezy follows up with his aggressive wordplay about AK’s and the blood gang he puts on for. (Don't confuse this song with Rae's older track "My Corner" with the crazy L.T.D. sample.)

“Picture me stomping you out up on a flight train/Grip Nike’s on, hollow through your hollow brain,” Raekwon spits on the first verse. “I suffocate cats I rape tracks/All of this is laid facts/I wish from the stove and came yes/Porsche racing with Scottish pits/Best, fly around the world, I got your girl eating exotic dick.”

“One for the money, nothing after that shit/I’m getting foreign money, money talks with an accent,” Weezy raps as he jumps in on the second verse. “Life is a maze, I done ran out of Pacman/Really need a crown on my head like a catholic/Never been a bitch and I don't plan on starting/Blood gang beedy beed like Pam on Martin/And ya wonder why my right hand man standoffish/Cause he got that blam blam on point like a Swordfish.”

As iconic as Raekwon has been over the years, he hasn't stopped yet. He’s been heavily involved in fashion and music as he teamed up with the brand Diadora a while ago to deliver his custom made kicks and has done tracks with multiple artists. He delivered a record with G-Eazy called “Purple Brick Road” and he released "This Is What It Comes To," a track said to be the lead single from his upcoming album.

Raekwon’s seventh solo album, The Wild is set to drop on March 24 and will have other features from CeeLo Green and Andra Day.

Check out "My Corner" below and pre-order Raekwon's forthcoming album The Wild on iTunes now.

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