Quentin Miller's musical output this year is unmatched in comparison to other newcomers in the game. Though he dropped his Falco project in June, he's continued to release new music consistently since its debut. A few days ago, the Atlanta native dropped, deleted, then re-released a freestyle track on SoundCloud called "Last Name." The original song, produced by producer Pi'erre Bourne, comes from Playboi Carti's "Lame Niggaz," off his self-titled debut album.

"Didn't save the session for 'last name' so had to re-record most of it. Actually like it better... update uploading momentarily," he posted to Twitter Saturday (Sept. 2).

On "Last Name," QM shouts out Playboi Carti before giving us his take on the "Magnolia" rapper's flow and several others over Pi'erre's now-signature soundbites. "It's like 30 different flows on 'Last Name' btw, he tweeted out upon its' re-release. "Are u not entertained???"

No stranger to wordplay, Miller works with his last name as he raps about the money he's bound to make in the near future. "Put that on my last name/The first four letters of my last name/I'ma get it and I put that on my last name," he sing-raps.

"Last Name" is one of the handful of tracks released post-Falco, his latest project. During Quentin's interview with XXL a few weeks back, the "Addy" rapper called Carti an inspiration. "I don’t know if anybody remembers, but back when the Meek thing happened and Twitter was going crazy, the first thing I tweeted was, 'Playboi Carti should be in everybody’s like list.' And Carti hit me up after that and was like, 'Yo, good shit.' We been slick cool ever since then [laughs]."

Listen to "Last Name" below.

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