It's been less than two months since Quentin Miller dropped his Shredded Metal EP, and the Atlanta-based songwriting virtuoso is already back with a brand new banger called "2 Late."

This time, the Drake collaborator stutters over a slightly ominous Groove_RMG instrumental as he reflects on all the ways it's "2 Late" for him and any serious romance.

Like many of the songs in QM's catalog, the lines between the hooks and the verses for "2 Late" barely exist as he floats in and out of the beat. His delivery feels like it mimics the confusion or difficulty he might feel when sorting through his responsibilities as a lover, a father and as a musician.

As we all know, QM is on the come-up, and he can't afford any distractions if he's going to be successful. It's too late for anything but complete focus. "It's too late, I can't be saved, it's far too late," Quentin half-sings toward the beginning of the song.

He continues, "Everything is different now, shit is different now/Can't be in your feelings now/Put your feelings down." Elsewhere in the song QM appears touches on how he's made too much progress to slip-up in his blooming career and how he knows he can't commit to a relationship. It's pretty much classic QM.

You can check out "2 Late" for yourself below. You can check out his Shredded Metal EP here.

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