Quelle Chris is back with his brand new album, Being You Is Great, I Wish I Could Be You More Often. The 17-track project features production from Quelle Chris, Ayepee, Ched Biscuits, Chris Keys and Alchemist.

Back in January, Chris gave fans a sample of his new project with "BS Vibes," a track featuring Chris Keys. Over a Keys-produced instrumental, Chris goes to work flaunting some pretty impressive rhyming.

“Ever since my first words hit the pad/Had to check myself in like shit I might have a habit/With each hit and each line grew addicted/Couldn’t kick the kicks and the hi’s kept him lifted/They pushed my buttons, so I turned to controller/Master of ceremonies, colder as I’m older/Mark my words, don’t politic with herbs/Don’t wanna sip your beers, don’t try to pass me herb,” he raps in the second verse of the song.

You can hear more of Chris' skills by streaming his new project on Apple Music below. Peep the tracklist for the project too.

Quelle Chris’ Being You Is Great, I Wish I Could Be You More Often Tracklist

1. “Intro”
2. “Buddies” (prod. by Ayepee)
3. “Popeye” Feat. I, Ced (prod. by MNDGN)
4. “In Case I Lose Myself” Feat. Cavalier, Denmark Vessey and Goose (prod. by Iman Omari)
5. “Fascinating Grass” Feat. Big Tone, Roc Marciano and 87 (prod. by Quelle Chris)
6. “BS Vibes” Feat. House Shoes (prod. by Chris Keys)
7. “Dumb For Brains” Feat. Cavalier (prod. by Quelle Chris)
8. “Calm Before” Feat. Cavalier and Suzi Analog (prod. by Quelle Chris)
9. “The Prestige” Feat. Jean Grae (prod. by Quelle Chris)
10. “The Dreamer In The Den Of Wolves” (prod. by Quelle Chris)
11. “I’m That NI#%A” Feat. Denmark Vessey (prod. by Chris Keys)
12. “Birthdaze” (prod. by Swarvy)
13. “Learn To Love Hate” (prod. by Ched Biscuits)
14. “It’s Great To Be” Feat. Bilal Salaam (prod. by Chris Keys)
15. “Encore”
16. “Don’t Get Changed” Feat. Denmark Vessey and Elzhi (prod. by Quelle Chris)
17. “Pendulum Swing” Feat. Homeboy Sandman (prod. by Alchemist)

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