Machine Gun Kelly will not be sitting this year out for a shot at the summer anthem. He's slowly building the hype around track seven from his Bloom album and now is the perfect time to drop his "Trap Paris" video with Quavo and Ty Dolla Sign. Watch it below.

It's never clear if they ever made it to Paris for the shoot or if the ladies in the video are French, but that's okay. The color changes and cuts match well enough with Sonny Digital's beat and the lyrics to keep you locked in. MGK and Quavo rap about the day dream we all get caught playing over in our heads, on some level: going from the bottom of the trap, straight through the ceiling to "Paris with a bad bish." But keep your eyes open for some absurd flexes on behalf of MGK, like the melted gold on his pancakes and the dog with the mustache.

The song has the theme and production to take it to parties across the country but we'll see if the terrestrial radio stations and curated playlists will pick it up. One thing you have to admit is the level of bars wasn't lowered for the sake of a summer jam.

As for Ty Dolla Sign and Quavo, Ty Dolla has been keeping busy by hunting for the illest fish tank, while Quavo is taking full advantage of the high demand for his 16 bars by currently owning 10% of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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