Earlier this year, Childish Gambino told reporters he'd be down to collab with Migos. Some nine months later, it's unclear whether or not that studio sesh has happened, but Gambino did recently pop up in a session with Chance The Rapper, Quavo and Lil Yachty. Quavo posted VHS-style footage of the three artists onto his Instagram account on Tuesday night (Oct. 24), as well as another video with Chance The Rapper.

In the vid, which doesn't have any sound, Quavo casually paces back-and-forth as what's presumably an instrumental plays in the background. As the camera lens makes its way around the room, we can see Yachty and Gambino vibing out to the music as well as they either prepare to write some lyrics or listen to what they or someone else has just recorded. Quavo captioned the video, "G A M B I N O H U N C H O L I L B O A T 3 3 3."

Trying to pinpoint which project whatever track the three rappers are working on is probably pointless, and Quavo will probably keep it a secret until the last minute anyways. At the moment, we're all still awaiting the release of his joint project with Travis Scott and Migos' Culture IILil Yachty, meanwhile, should be releasing his Lil Boat 2 project in the near future, though there's no release date.

On the other hand, there's Gambino, who at one point seemed to announce his retirement from music, though he pretty much threw that claim aside a short while later. This Quavo, Yachty and Gambino collab could land anywhere. We'll just have to wait to see how things play out.

Check out footage from Quavo, Gambino and Yachty's studio session below.

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