When most people think of Georgia and rap, they focus on the city of Atlanta. While that's fair, as ATL has produced a very long line of impactful hip-hop acts, other areas have plenty to offer. Quando Rondo, 19 years young, found a way to get a buzz off his music while repping Savannah, Ga. proudly.

"I Remember" which features Lil Baby, was Quando Rondo's first big break, the song that got him on the map earlier this year. He then kept working, churning out the fittingly-titled projects Life B4 Fame and Life After Fame. Things have surely changed, as Quando is a hotter commodity now, frequent collaborator with YoungBoy Never Broke Again (peep his chain) and is only getting bigger. Learn just who he is with the latest edition of XXL's Who Am I?

Early on in the video, Quando explains what it's like to grow up in Savannah, highlighting how hard it is to break its barriers. "It seem like it's hard just to make it out," the rapper shares. "Before I got signed, I never been out of Savannah. The only time I been outta Savannah was going up the road, to juvenile or jail somewhere."

He also surprisingly shares that he hadn't been to Atlanta or South Carolina until he started rhyming, even though they are both relatively close to his own hometown.

Although Quando Rondo is a full-fledged artist who both raps and sings, rap came second in his development. "I started singing first; I never really knew what was the difference from rapping and singing; I just knew it was music." Well put.

Quando's tendency to simply create what he wants lead to YoungBoy Never Broke Again's cousin contacting him on social media. Quando and YoungBoy quickly became friends. Showing off his jewelry, it becomes clear they have a mutual respect for each other. "YoungBoy gave me this, this is his first chain," he explains.

Catch the rest of Quando Rondo's come up in his own words up above.

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