On April 6, two new albums honoring Elton John will be released. The first is Revamp, which features pop, hip-hop and rock artists putting their own spin on John's music. Ahead of the album's release, Q-Tip and Demi Lovato share their rendition of "Don't Go Breaking My Heart."

While the original version of "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" is a pop classic, the Q-Tip-produced song gets reimagined as a soulful, Motown-esque track. Over an infectious bass line, Q-Tip and Demi flex their vocals as they both share singing duties on the song.

"Elton's influence shows you that the possibilities of music are endless. He's astute in so many types of music, he does it all and being a hip-hop kid, our whole aesthetic was that everything was up for grabs and that's how he has always been to me," the Tribe Called Quest rapper said.

"I remember the premiere of 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' with Kiki Dee and seeing it as a kid and loving it," Q-Tip continued. "Elton was gracious enough to be part of the last Tribe album [We Got It From Here... Thank You 4 Your Service], so it was serendipitous and logical to return the favor. Rhythmically, we just wanted to make it a little funkier. He's a master showman, singer, pianist. He's the all round goods."

The 2018 version of "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" also gets a video, which was inspired by the documentary Paris Is Burning. Directed by Hector Dockrill, the visuals showcase the London and Paris voguing scene.

Along with the Revamp album releasing on April 6, a country-inspired album called Restoration will also be released. Similar to Revamp, Restoration will feature country music stars recreating John's classic.

Demi Lovato can currently be found on tour with DJ Khaled. The two kicked off their trek on Feb. 26 and will continue touring through March 31. They also recently teamed up for the Wrinkle in Time song, "I Believe."

Listen to Q-Tip and Demi Lovato's "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" below.

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