The president of G.O.O.D. Music, Pusha T, recently took his turn on Noisey’s The People Vs. where he read questions and comments surrounding the visuals for he and brother Malice’s instant classic, “Grindin.” It’s been well over a decade since the song was released in 2002, but apparently fans still want answers regarding the Virginia duo’s breakout hit.

Amused by the question, “How much did they pay Pharrell for that Casio keyboard beat?” Push kept it 100 with his response. “I don’t how how much we paid him,” he recalled. “We probably did’t pay him anything.” But a free beat from Pharrell didn’t mean that there wasn’t major cash involved. “I think we all made a lot of money off of it,”  the Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude rhymer said. “Our relationship is definitely stronger than money. At the time we were all just in it for the love of the game and the love of the music."

After clearing that up, Pusha continued to respond to fans’ inquires and revealed why he rocks his iconic braids. He explained that the braids were a hometown thing inspired by the death of a childhood friend. Push even touched on the fact that he and Pharrell never age. "I don' know what it is about us aging," Pusha said. "I'ma blame it on Virginia and the laid back lifestyle, the's calm." He also confirmed that he and P are not using any drugs to remain looking youthful. 

The "M.P.A." rapper has been hard at work embracing his newly appointed role as the head of Kanye's label. They recently signed "Panda" rhymer Desiigner and HXLT just dropped his debut project.

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