Project Pat just signed Fort Worth rapper Bo Staxx. To give his new artist a wider introduction the world, Project Pat released a track featuring Bo Staxx called "Knock Knock." The new single also features a contribution by Young Re'y.

The song gives Bo Staxx a chance to shine as he gets to handle the hook with Young Re'y as well as delivering his own verse. Project Pat cleans things up by taking control of the final verse on the cut.

"Kick door, kick door, man steal the choppa/Atcha back make the thang wa wa wa wa wappa/N---as out here flexing and my pockets straight hurting/I'm riding down on the ass and it's close curtain/Hope yo team strong like an onion, I'm taking yo Funyuns/Snatch chain, went all in his pocket, blew off his bunions," Project Pat raps.

Project Pat has some more music on the way as he's currently working on his Cheez and Dope 4 mixtape. The Memphis rapper is also at work on a sequel to his Pistol and Scale mixtape. And if you missed it back in February, don't forget to check out Project's latest release: the Street God 2 mixtape. The tracklist and stream are below.

1. “Street Talk (Intro)”
2. “Fuck Shit”
3. “I’m Dat Nigga”
4. “Catching Juggs”
5. “Real Players”
6. “Triggers New”
7. “Bag” Feat. King Ray
8. “Pint of Lean ” Feat. Juicy J
9. “Street Talk Green Light”
10. “I’m Good”
11. “Don’t Question What I Do”
12. “Get Loose”
13. “Fa Da Low”
14. “Dem Women” Feat. Young Dolph and Tone Yates
15. “Street Talk 3″
16. “Twerk Bitch” Feat. Juicy J

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