Wednesday (June 20) marked the one year anniversary of Prodigy's passing due to complications from sickle cell anemia, and to commemorate the late legend, his Mobb Deep partner Havoc shared two unreleased freestyles from the official Queensbridge murderer.

"We lost my partner one year from today,” Hav wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “It’s Mobb Deep for life. Enjoy these unreleased freestyles.”

“Stay Chiseled” finds Prodigy spitting Havoc's 2006 verse on "The Infamous" over Large Professor's beat for the producer's 2002 Nas collaboration, "Stay Chisel." Divorced from The Alchemist's original funk and transposed over Large Pro's nostalgic strings, the verse in P's hands feels less like a threat and more like self-reflection.

Prodigy raps, "We got the most gangsta shit, the second most biggest projects/We sold the most crack since '86/Don't handle a lot of bricks but we the most thug/You think you're dirty over there, but we more dirtier." Also, for the historians, it's worth mentioning that where Hav shouted out P for having the most loud, Prodigy here shouts out Nitty, presumably Ty Nitty from fellow Queensbridge crew Infamous Mobb.

The other unreleased track is a Mobb Deep joint from the archives, "Thief's Theme," on which both members go in over Salaam Remi's beat for Nas's 2004 Street Disciple single of the same name. Prodigy opens his verse with a joke about violence set to the music of a then-young Kanye West.

"I will tap dance off with so much force/Your new theme music will be that new Kanye song/Rap niggas want it with us and know they dead wrong/That's why we last so long and they dead and gone," he spits.

Earlier this week, Lin-Manuel Miranda also shared an unreleased Mobb song, "Boom Goes The Cannon," a George Washington tribute presumably recorded for The Hamilton Mixtape.

You can listen to Prodigy's "Stay Chiseled" and Mobb Deep's "Thief's Theme," via Hot 97's DJ Absolut's SoundCloud, below.

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