After a successful 2017 that saw him drop his Selfish album, Problem is still putting himself first in 2018.

Ahead of the release of his next project, Problem drops his latest single and first track off his upcoming mixtape, "Stingy." In a video directed by Mike Marasco, Problem walks along a trail as he explains why he's not giving it up for free.

"Bitch, you can't fuck me if you broke, no/You be lucky if I let you give me head, yeah/These other niggas out here with the jokes/Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha/Chasing hoes when they should be chasing bread, yeah/I'm stingy with this shit don't be surprised, yeah," he spits.

But it's not just sex that Problem is withholding. "If it ain't about a bag Chachi don't do much replying/Niggas too/Get your broke ass around me/Handouts ain't giving none/Y'all hustle lousy," he raps.

According to Problem, "Stingy" will be featured on his forthcoming mixtape, The Separation 2. The project will honor the fifth year anniversary of The Separation.

Following the release of his Chachiville mixtape and Rosecrans project with DJ Quik, Problem dropped Selfish in November. The nine-track project features guest appearances from Airplane James, Nipsey Hussle, Iamsu!, Rose Gold, Bad Lucc, Ne-Yo and Terrace Martin.

Speaking with XXL, the rapper revealed the meaning of the album title and where it came from. "Well, Selfish derived from my attitude towards the music I was dropping," Problem said. "I was definitely one of the originators of the ratchet turn-up scene thing and to be known for that and to be one of the ones to do it, you wanna keep going at it but I was changing as a man at that same time and I'm not doing some of the same things I was doing at the time and just pray that my fans understand the growth and the different things I wanna do and sonically what I wanna try, so it's like a double meaning."

Check out the "Stingy" video below.

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