Pressa is a Canadian rapper who has been making a name for himself in his hometown of Toronto, using patience and consistency to win over fans. Late last year, he dropped "Canada Goose" with Tory Lanez, along with his mixtape, Press a Brick. It's time to get back to it for the young artist with his latest song, "420 in London," a collab with Lil Uzi Vert and featuring production from Murda Beatz.

Murda and Pressa have also worked together in the past, on 2017's "Bloody Hands." As for how the song came about, Pressa explains that the song started with him and Murda hanging out overseas. "Murda and I were in London together, he started playing the piano and came up with crazy chords," he shared. "I started rapping over it saying '420 in London,' because it was currently 4:20pm in London when we were both in the studio."

Pressa eventually got Uzi in the fray through shooting him the song through an email.

For the first verse, Pressa kicks things off. "I'm in some Balmains, these jeans cost a dozen/I'm iced up, this Rollie cost me nothin'."

Uzi follows up on the next verse, rapping about how hard he balls. "My new crib is so big, this shit got a office/I was off a 30, this shit made me nauseous," the Philly rapper spits.

Where the song will land is still up in the air, but Pressa has more solid plans for what he's going to do this year. "[My] plans for 2018 are to drop my new project Prestige, get a couple more features out there, then start working on my next tape," he shares.

Earlier this year, Pressa spoke with XXL about his career at large and his future goals. "I wanna be a global superstar, but I wanna do it independently," he shared. "Everyone keeps telling me I can't do it that way. Me and my team think we can."

Check out Pressa's "420 in London" featuring Lil Uzi Vert below.

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