Rap is the biggest genre in the U.S., so of course it's spread to other countries over the past few decades. As we all know, Toronto's rap scene saw its biggest moment when their homegrown talent Drake took off. His eye for talent led him to fellow Toronto artist Pressa, a 22-year-old street rapper. Pressa has been putting in work on the come up, from touring with Drake, collaborating with Tory Lanez, dropping projects like Press A Brick and much more. Today, he unleashes his video for "420 in London," which features a verse and appearance from Lil Uzi Vert.

For his latest visual, which Pressa directed himself with assistance from 2BridgeTV and Genreshoots, he wanted to give a peek into some of his experiences on the road. "The inspiration behind the video was mainly my moments that I spent in London for the first time, along with the first time Uzi brought me out in my city," he tells XXL. "And showing the backstage life and behind scenes of this rap game."

Pressa opens his verse with a reflection on his reality, about moving on from the streets. "Told mama wouldn't make them take your son/I moved her out the hood now a nigga shoot for fun," he rhymes. "Fuck a friend I just do this for my loved ones/We came far from sleeping in the dungeon."

Meanwhile, Uzi is ballin' out: "Am I scared? No, hardly, I deserve a heart lift/My new crib, it's so big, this shit got a office/I was off a thirty, that shit made me nauseous/My new car on derbies, automatic park it."

A little over a month from now, Pressa will drop his debut album, Prestige. In addition to that, he has his eyes on pulling off his own Europe and USA tour.

Catch Pressa and Lil Uzi's "420 in London" video below.

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