6ix9ine's running beef with multiple Los Angeles rappers has landed him on Power 106's black list. On Monday (July 23), Justin Credible of the L.A. Leakers announced on air that he refuses to play the Brooklyn rapper's verse on the new song "Fefe."

Credible attributed his decision to Tekashi disrespecting the city and shouted out YG and The Game. Both Los Angelenos have criticized the "Gotti" spitter for falsely claiming Blood affiliation.

"I don't really agree with what he said about our city," Credible said he told a station boss who requested "Fefe" be played on air. "I said, bossman, with all due respect, nobody who disrespects L.A. or my homies is getting any play on my show. So, yo Game, yo YG, you got my word tonight. You will not hear this clown on my show."

6ix9ine's beef with Los Angeles dates back at least as far as February. At the time, three L.A. clubs reportedly canceled his scheduled performances. The rapper responded by publicly refusing to notify local gangs when he plans to visit, which prompted local rapper Spanky Loco to criticize the comment on social media and tell Tekashi to, "by all means, homie, check in with the boy ... Pull up."

The Game and YG added their two cents in March. During a show in Europe, Game led the crowd to chant, "Fake-ass Blood" and "Fuck 6ix9ine," sparking an online spat in which Tekashi called the Compton rapper a "clout chaser."

Days later, the rainbow-haired rhymer told Game to "hang it up" and called YG "that dude who was hot mad long ago" in an interview on Power 105's The Breakfast Club. YG responded on Instagram saying, "On Bompton Piru, fuck 6ix9ine, nigga. On Bloods. 400 said it, bitch."

Recent 6ix9ine trips to Los Angeles have failed to clear the air. In late May, he was banned by three clubs after his involvement in a fight at Ace of Diamonds strip club. Two days later, he was reportedly denied entry to a recording studio by friends of Fetty Wap in a confrontation that resulted in possible shots fired.

Tekashi's Nicki Minaj-featuring single "Fefe" dropped on Sunday, hours after he was robbed at gunpoint. Credible remained willing to play Nicki's verse. You can watch the DJ's full comments about the controversial rapper below.

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