Fat Nick and Pouya are gearing up to release their long-awaited joint mixtape Drop Out of School. They release "Middle of The Mall," the first song from their mixtape. The high energy new single finds the two Florida MCs bragging about how paid they are and also pays homage to RiFF RAFF who made the phrase "Middle of the Mall" popular.

"Been with the shit, stash a hundred in the walls/All my diamonds flooded, ain't no middle of the mall/My studs, they cost a grit, Fiji crystals drip/Stupid little bitch gon' put them lips up on my dick," Nick raps on the hook.

Pouya's energy is electric from start to finish. "She think she dancin' on my dick, but that's my Glock/Take my wallet out my ass and run around and watch 'em flock/To the kid with the tattoo and a flat 2-5-5/And you mad too whatever attitude/All of my payments overdue, I'm screwed/Fuck it, I'm buzzin' out the fuckin' roof."

There's not a release date for Pouya and Fat Nick’s collaborative mixtape, Drop Out of School yet. But the project should be dropping soon. In a recent interview, Nick and Pouya talked about actually dropping out of high school in the 10th grade and where they see themselves in five years.

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