Post Malone's "White Iverson" was one of those songs that seemed to appear out of nowhere. As a matter of fact, Post himself didn't even think the underground hit would gain the attention it has. “When I wrote it, I didn’t know that people [were] gonna fuck with it as much as I did,” the rapper said in a interview with DJ Skee. “I didn’t plan on releasing it any time soon either, but it leaked somewhere and we just said fuck it and recorded it.” Half a year later, and the track is still on most people's list of songs they can't get out of their heads.

No more practice. It's time to jump in the game. Today, we finally get the video for Bubbachuck ballad that has been sweeping the nation. Directed by Van Alpert, the visual takes place, not on the hardwood, but in the harsh climates of the desert. PM juxtaposes the dusty landscape by stunting with a white Rolls Royce and white Mercedes Benz G series in the background. Like the b-ball player the song is named after, the drivers push it to the limit, doing things that probably shouldn't be done in such a luxurious vehicle. Sadly, the real Iverson does not make a cameo, but the clip is pretty fire all the same.

The Dallas native recently made his debut New York City performance at The Westway. He also co-headlined XXL 2015 Freshaman Raury's Raurfest in Atlanta late last month.

Check out the "White Iverson" video, above.