Post Malone has been having some terrible experiences lately and it all seemed to start when a plane he was flying on had to make an emergency landing back in August. On Thursday (Oct. 4), Posty opened up about the scary event with Billboard.

As previously reported, the "Psycho" rapper was on a private flight that reportedly took off from the airport in Teterboro, N.J. and was bound for London. Shortly after takeoff, one of the plane's tires exploded and the aircraft was forced to make a premature emergency landing. The situation seemed so dire, Post started sending out texts telling friends and family he loved them.

According to Post, the plane initially had problems and had to land prematurely a first time before taking a second crack at it. "The second time we took off, right as soon as we took off, we heard just a big ass pop and we were like, what the hell is that? Then shit starting coming in from underneath the table and shit. This can't be good. I'm fucking freaked out," Post recounted.

After being notified of the situation, the plane had to circle the airport for a few hours before it was cleared to land. "Just the anxiety of, 'This is fucked,' that was the worst part," he added.

Eventually, the plane was able to land safely. Since that incident, Post has been involved in a car crash in West Hollywood and also had is house robbed. Some people are blaming the rapper's bad luck on an experience he had with a supposedly haunted dybbuk box he encountered back in June.

Listen to Post Malone's harrowing flight experience below.

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