PnB Rock is on fire. In 2016, the Philadelphia native has quietly had a fantastic year. He comes back with another strong release titled "Want It All" featuring Styles P. For all the hustlers in the world, this record is for you. When Philly teams up with Yonkers magic happens. PnB delivers a melodic, heartfelt verse while Ghost comes in as gritty as ever.

"Real niggas do real things/Loyalty is a lifestyle that niggas don't live, man/Lean told me that when I was upstate/Did a little bid, he was real cause he wrote me back/Real nigga facts, I sold crack to my man mom/Can't change the past nor I can predict the future/This the gutter that mean it was real like Martin Luther," raps PnB in his verse.

Styles comes in at the end and hits a homerun, "I just want it all, I just wanna ball/Me and my homies spending millions at the mall/Came a long way from hustling up in the hall/Waiting on a trip for customer to call."

Bump "Want It All" above.

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