Philadelphia’s PnB Rock continues his momentum from 2016 and releases two new songs for 2017.

On “88,” the lanky crooner gets Lil Durk and Lud Foe, two of Chicago's hottest MCs right now, to drop verses for the uptempo street anthem.

"This MAC-11 hold 88/All these rap niggas featherweight/He say he want beef, get a whole plate/The bullets hit you and they penetrate/Got a schedule just for making cake/And I'm always on time, I'm never late," raps Lud Foe.

“Back Then” finds PnB Rock reflecting on life before fame. “Got love for my fans, they really held me down/I was locked up in a cell, everyday they send me mail/They love me I can tell, feels good I made it/Now it’s time to turn up, for all the niggas that hated/PnB that’s my crew, told my mama I gotchu/Funny how Im hittin’ hoes that aint want me in high school," he raps.

Rock has released three tracks from his upcoming project, GTTM: Going Thru The Motions, which drops Jan. 13.

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