PnB Rock carved out his own lane about four years ago in 2015, dabbling in both rap and R&B with his unique voice, unlike anyone else at the time. His ability to stand out has earned him gold and platinum plaques and top-notch collabos throughout his career, and now, he's back for more in 2019, after dealing with some legal troubles. With his new album, Trapstar Turnt Popstar, arriving May 3, and the single "I Like Girls" bubbling, PnB Rock wants more Ws. As he keeps grinding to take his career to new heights, he set some time aside to do his ABCs with XXL.

Early on, PnB Rock shows love to some high-priced clothing brands. For the letter F, he chooses the word fashion. "The drip, you see I got the Dior on me, I feel like a fuckin' Dior mannequin right now," he says, before posing and showing off his 'fit. He then moves on to the letter H and name-drops a clothing label he loved as a youth. "Hollister, I used to rock Hollister back in the day," he shares. "I used to go, run to the mall and steal some shit from Hollister." He explains that he couldn't afford the clothes at the time, but he can definitely cop it now.

For the next few letters, PnB Rock talks about himself, from a tattoo he got to a game he played growing up. When it comes to the letter J, the artist references a popular slogan. "Just Do It, I got that shit tatted on my neck," PnB says. "Just do me, all about the check." The letter N reminds him of one of his favorite video games. "Need for Speed, that shit was so fire," he recalls. "My uncle used to have the little driving jawn. I used to really think I was driving." A great game and a great memory for PnB as he simulates driving the steering wheel.

And one of the more hilarious moments of his ABCs is when PnB Rock proves he's clearly in on the joke when it comes to people roasting him for his long neck. "Giraffe, you know what I'm saying," he says before laughing. "Everybody call me giraffe neck, you know what I mean. Fuck y'all niggas."

Watch the rest of PnB Rock's video above to see just how much money he has in his bag, what he has to say about YNW Melly and more.

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