Plies might be looking to hire a driver in the near future, as his license has been suspended, following his recent arrest for DUI.

The Fort Myers, Fla. rapper has yet to appear in court for the matter. But, according to TMZ, under Florida law, he gets a 12-month suspension on his license for failing to take a breathalyzer test or give a blood or urine sample on the scene of his arrest. That does not include whatever repercussions he receives whenever he goes before a judge.

As previously reported, the "Ritz Carlton" MC was arrested in January in Tampa, Fla., after police pulled him over and accused him of DUI. After refusing any measure that would identify if he was indeed as sauced as he appeared, he was taken into custody and later released on $500 bond.

Earlier this week, dash cam footage of the arrest made its way to the public. In the video, Plies is rocking a Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone T-shirt, and complies with most of the officers' requests.

Now it appears as though all the Instagram champ's new videos will have to be taken from the passenger side of his ride, at least for a while.

Plies has been enjoying single success while he puts together his new album Purple Heart, his first LP since 2010's Goon Affiliated. "Ritz Carlton" and "Racks Up to My Ear," which are both accompanied by a dance or challenge, have been bubbling for the rapper.

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