Plies and Kodak Black link once again for "Real Hitta," a slow-paced street ballad that finds the two Florida rappers wondering if their prospective ladies have ever been with a thug before.

"Real Hitta" is pretty much the exact opposite of Plies' 2008 hit, "Shawty," featuring rugged, but effortlessly emotive vocals from the Project Baby instead of T-Pain's glossy Auto-Tune. With a sultry instrumental, poignant lyrics and a passionately sung hook from Lil Kodak, the track has lots to love.

"Have you ever made love to a real hitta/A nigga that's in the field probably finessing probably out here drug dealing/I wanna know," Kodak belts out in the first part of the hook. "I'm gon' love you like I might die tomorrow, ay/I'm gon' love you like I might die tomorrow, ay,/I'm probably getting money if I ain't call you, baby/I'm gon' love you like I might die tomorrow, ay,/I'm probably getting money if I ain't call you, baby."

For his part, Plies keeps things as street as possible, rapping about trapping out of a Trump Hotel and all the cheese he can afford to spend on his lady. "I pull up on you with a bag, I look like Santa/Plug named Julio and he don't play for Atlanta," the Fort Myers, Fla. rapper spits.

According to Derek Garcia, Kodak's engineer, "Real Hitta" is a song that was left on the cutting room floor when the rapper was recording his Painting Pictures album.

Loving a "Real Hitta" comes with plenty of perils, and Kodak offered up a good reminder of that when he was sentenced to a one-year jail sentence yesterday—even though he could be out in as early as a month.

In any case, you can check out "Real Hitta" for yourself below. Below that, watch Plies announce the song while playing it in an Instagram video. He's clearly enjoying his Cinco De Mayo. It's all pretty dope.

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