Playboi Carti's Whole Lotta Red album was coming until it wasn't.

Earlier this year in April, Carti, who'd been teasing the album for well over a year up to that point, released "@ Meh," a track that was believed to be the first single from the project. Now, five months later, the project is nowhere to be found.

There are a ton of potential reasons Carti hasn't dropped the project yet. After all, we are in the middle of a pandemic, and he's a rap star who could conceivably be anywhere in the world at any time. Is he creating his new album, taking a break from recording or thinking of a master plan? Whatever he's doing, that hasn't stopped fans from being frustrated, but it is what it is.

Cheesy promo posters are a thing of the distant past; if you're trying to generate hype around a lot of fresh buzz for your new project, cryptic social media posts are the way to go. Ever since he began offering small teasers for his next project, Carti's used mysterious tweets or Instagram posts to alert the world of his upcoming LP. For most artists, these tweets come come in the form of simple dates and emojis, or some sort of sentence. At this very moment, Carti's probably concocting his next cryptic message, whether it's paired with a random photo or his symbol-inspired language.

For a bit of escapist fun, rather than being too upset about the project not dropping when he's said it would, it might be more rewarding for fans to contemplate all of the many things Carti's been doing instead of dropping the follow-up to his Die Lit album. After all, on a surface level, Carti's one of the coolest rappers out. With a unique sense of fashion and the mystique that accompanies being a semi-recluse, ideas for what the rapper has been up to are pretty much a blank canvas waiting to be painted.

Here's what we think Playboi Carti might be doing instead of dropping his long-awaited WLR project. See the theories for yourself below.

See What We Think Playboi Carti's Been Doing Instead of Dropping His Whole Lotta Red Album


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