Playboi Carti might be in the midst of celebrating his breakout year, but he's recently been accused of stealing beats from a producer named MilanMakesBeats. During a conversation with DJ Akademiks in the personality's Instagram messages, the 2017 XXL Freshman denies the accusations against him.

The "Magnolia" rapper tells Akademiks that MilanMakesBeats is "trying to get clout" and denies that he does any janky business.

"They trying to get clout," Carti writes. "I only rap on Pierre [Bourne] beats. So the old producers sick. I promise, I don't do janky business ... I don't owe him shit, I don't steal beats."

Carti continues with his statements by writing that Milan is "mad" because the rapper stopped rapping on his beats, being that he's blown up in the last year following his debut mixtape.

Before he spoke to Carti, Akademiks got Milan's side of the story, and the producer says Carti used a snippet of one of his beats, which became the MC's "VLONE Thug" record, and played it during an Ian Connor live stream. Once Milan reached out to him about the beat, the two allegedly struck up a work relationship, with the producer claiming to produce "On Go" and "Butterfly Coupe" for the Atlanta rapper.

"I started hitting them like, 'That's my beat,'" Milan said. "I didn't really care how they got it. I just wanted to get paid." He even claims Carti has blatantly used his instrumentals in the past without paying him.

In more positive news, Carti just landed his first ever platinum plaque for "Magnolia," the breakout song from his debut self-titled project that dropped earlier this year.

"I started noticing anytime he did mention my name he would put 'Milan Beats' and I've corrected him before," Milan explains. "So I think he's doing that on purpose."

See the video from Akademiks showing his conversations with both Carti and Milan to determine each side of the story.

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