Hip hop, or should I say country rap tunes, lost one of its most influential artists when Pimp C passed away in 2007. The legendary rapper and producer left an indelible mark on the rap game that few others have. To remember the life of Chad Butler, Mass Appeal Records and Complex have teamed up for a new documentary called Long Live the Pimp.

The new documentary compiles interviews with Bun B, Nas, David Banner, Jazze Pha, Paul Wall, DJ DMD and many more to tell the story of Pimp C. Close friends help paint the picture of Pimp's early life and introduction to the rap game.

"I'm not that cold of a rapper dawg, but people just like the way I say it," Pimp C's friend Mike Mo remembers Pimp saying about his initial success.

A gem of the documentary comes when Bun B details how the UGK legacy almost ended before it ever started. Bun explained that he and Pimp C had a mindset of giving rap a shot for one year before moving on if nothing came of it. Just four weeks away from calling it quits, UGK got a record deal and embarked on their legendary career.

Everything from Pimp C's reservations about recording "Big Pimpin" with Jay Z to the way he helped squash many of the beefs in the Houston rap scene are detailed in the documentary. This film is a must watch for diehard UGK fans and novices alike. Take a little time out of your day and learn about the great Pimp C.

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