Although rappers are superstars in their own right and some of them have even reached icon status on their own, rappers still look up to certain icons too. In their pre-fame days growing up, rappers were too memorized by some of the 20th century's biggest stars like Stevie Wonder, Madonna and Prince. Even though, they now share the big screen, things weren't always that way and they too once dreamed of meeting their favorite actors and musicians.

For some, the experience of meeting an icon goes beyond the normal limitations. When Drake linked up with Madonna at Coachella in 2015, things got steamy fast. While dancing around the rapper during her set, the Rebel Heart singer bent down and unexpectedly locked lips with Drizzy. His reaction made headlines everywhere because it appeared that Drake wasn't feeling the kiss since he immediately wiped his lips afterward. “What the fuck just happened?” said Drake following the make-out session.. “I’m Madonna, bitch,” said the pop icon before exiting the stage. Drake later blamed the lipstick for his reaction and Madonna totally regretted it all.

Overtime, other rappers have had plenty more run-ins with icons and they'll certainly be more down the line. Who can forget when Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri actually dated. Check out XXL's photo gallery of rappers with icons above.

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