Earlier this week news spread that Waka Flocka and wife, Tammy Rivera, had split. Both confirmed the news on social media citing that the break up was mutual and they remain on cordial terms. The couple married in May 2014 and are currently starring in the new season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

“To keep it all gangsta, me and Tammy just split apart," Waka confessed in an IG video. "Nobody cheated on nobody, nobody’s mad at nobody. We just grew to our differences.” Rivera also spoke up, swearing off any drama and confessing she would be taking time for herself. “Just ‘cuz I’m not with Waka, doesn’t mean you niggas can just start sliding in my DMs," Tammy posted on Snapchat."They’re overflowing. I don’t get down like that. I like my time to myself.”

In March, the two were in headlines for their involvement in a beef between Rivera and Chief Keef’s girlfriend, Simone. The origin of thei girls' feud is said to have stemmed from Simone getting close to Waka when he was at a club appearance a few months ago.

However, with Waka and Tammy explaining that they parted ways on good terms, fans can only hope for the best. In the meantime, check out a gallery of better days for Tammy and Waka.

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