Brooklyn-based group Phony Ppl have released their new album, Mō’zā-ik, on Oct. 19. The 11-track project blends soul, funk, R&B and more simultaneously for a unique listen for fans.

The album features tracks such as "Way Too Far," "Once You Say Hello," "Something about Your Love" and "Cookie Crumble." On the drum-heavy track "Move Her Mind," the group questions finding out more information about a woman to see if her beauty matches her mindset.

"But can she move her mind?/I will take the risk and we'll find out in time/I bring my chips and hopefully the stars will line/She can move her ass but can she move her mind," Phony Ppl deliver.

"Something About Your Love," which was released on Oct. 13, details an unhealthy relationship. The uptempo rhythm makes the banger worth dancing to. "You said that you needed me/Turns out you're deceiving me/Practice what you preach is key/You did what you had to do," Phony Ppl serve.

Check out Phony Ppl's Mō’zā-ik album and catch the group on the second leg of Pusha-T's Daytona Tour.

Phony Ppl's Mō’zā-ik Album Tracklist

1. "Way Too Far."
2. "Once You Say Hello."
3. "Something About Your Love."
4. "Cookie Crumble."
5. "The Colours."
6. "One Man Band."
7. "Think You're Mine."
8. "Move Her Mind."
9. "Before You Get a Boyfriend."
10. "Either Way."
11. "On everythinG iii love."

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