Bay Area street rapper Philthy Rich is back with his newest loosie, "Dame Fame," and it's a major record. The veteran MC from Oakland takes his aim at fellow Oakland standout Stacy “Dame Fame” Damon Harris in the new video for "Dame Fame" featuring SYPH.

The video, which was directed by Pilot Industries, finds Philthy in L.A., stunting with all his chains in different parts of night scene while letting stuff off his chest. Philthy explains the beef he has with Dame Fame in detail and what inspired the visuals.

"The inspiration behind the song was basically, when I first started to do music, there was a guy from my neighborhood that was in tuned to doing music with different artists and I was just trying to get my feet wet and reached out," Philthy shares. "He wasn't retuning the same love that he gave me in the streets that I would expect he give me in music. I never was upset or mad about it, I just used that to say, I'm going to show niggas, I'm going to go hard even though certain people ain't want to believe in me. As my elevation came, he started seeing it, different shows, packed out, people coming to really rock with me. Seeing that, he had questioned his decision to not mess with me."

Philthy explains that when Dame got locked up, he looked out for him while in jail. "He went to jail, I used to write him, send him care packages," he states. "When I went to jail, I didn't get the same favor. I didn't use that to be upset, I just used it as motivation to go harder. He ended up going to jail again, when he came out the last time, the tables had turn; Philthy the hottest shit now. He was asking everybody, 'How you think Philthy feel about me?' Mind you, we're from the same neighborhood, all you had to do is pull up or get my phone number. Now you got other people in our business and have them thinking it's something more than music."

What followed was an exchange of words that carried over into social media. "Long story short, 2005, a situation happened with him and some guys and the outcome was him taking the stand on them," Philthy recalls. "So when he got out, he actually told me and gave me the decision to choose to fuck with him or don't. So I said, I can't risk what I got going on. I distanced myself from him and told him I can't fuck with him. He wasn't able to accept it and he started doing the normal hating shit, Instagram posts, saying shit to other people that's getting back to me.

"I called him and said, 'Yo, leave me alone, I'm not trying to fuck with you.' And it got to the point where he keep doing the same shit over and over so he forced my hand. If you pick a scab it's going to bleed. You disrespecting me as a man. I'm not trying to kill you, I'm not looking for you to beat your ass, I just said I can't be bothered with you and you can't accept it like a pissed off female. So I'm like, okay, basically you want some attention and I'm going to show you the power to end your whole career. So that's how the song came about. It's ain't no sneak diss, no subliminal, it's a direct shot."

Philthy Rich's new album, Sem God, is out now. The 12-track LP features guests appearances from Gucci Mane, Mozzy, Young Dolph, Lil Durk, YFN Lucci, SOBxRBE, Payroll Giovanni and the late Bankroll Fresh.

The rapper has also been dropping vlogs periodically for his Sem God vlog series and his Road Life vlog series. 2018 should be an impressive year as Philthy Rich has more projects on the way.

Watch "Dame Fame" below.

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