Peewee Longway is quietly one of the most technically gifted rappers we have right now – just ask Golden Era poster boy LL Cool J. Now he's gearing up to drop a new mixtape called Longway Sinatra produced entirely by Cassius Jay, and yesterday (Aug. 3) he took the opportunity to celebrate the late, great Bankroll Fresh's birthday with a new record called "New Bankroll." Listen to it up top.

Peewee has had a phenomenal 2016 so far. He started off with Mr. Blue Benjamin, which is still one of the best mixtapes of the year so far, and followed that with Money, Pounds, Ammunition 3, which showcased a little bit more of his crew.

Longway, being one of many rappers influenced by Gucci Mane throughout the years, obviously had to link back up with Guwop once the Trap God got out of jail. Listen to their latest collab "Pocket Watchin" over a Zaytoven beat.

Peewee also got into a recent skirmish with the Migos online after claiming he invented slang like "dab" and "pipe it up," but it seems like they've patched up their differences since then.

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