About a month removed from unveiling the cover for his Spaghetti Factory project, Peewee Longway has returned with the tracklist and a banger. The new song is called "I Can't Get Enough."

Tackling a lowkey, Spaghetti J-produced trap beat, Longway flaunts a tight flow and effortless flexes on the latest offering from his new project. "We hit with the Stanley Steamer/Put that dope in the pot make that bitch a beamer," Peewee spits.

Peewee's newest song is the eighth on his latest project, which checks in at 10 tracks. There aren't any features, so if you're a fan of Longway, get ready, 'cause you'll be getting a lot of him. Count us in.

Spaghetti Factory is produced by famed Atlanta production maestro, Spaghetti Jay. If you're looking for stripped down trap beats—the kind Longway thrives on—you're most likely going to love Spaghetti Factory.

Check out both the tracklist for Spaghetti Factory and Longway's new track for yourself just below. Watch Longway's video for "MLK" when you're done.

Spaghetti Factory drops on April 13, and you can pre-order it on iTunes.

Peewee Longway's Spaghetti Factory Tracklist:

3."Break It Down"
4."Feelin Myself"
6."Fucc You"
7."Trappin MF"
8."I Can't Get Enough"
9."Crop It"

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MPA Bandcamp Music Group / EMPIRE

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