Newburgh, NY’s own Pardison Fontaine drops the visuals for his song "BHM" yesterday (Feb. 29), the very last day of BHM for 2016. "BHM" find Pardison spiting witty bars about Black History Month attacking stereotypes. Money, chicken, police, everything is tackled on this song. The Sage English-directed video touches on the ramifications of slavery and the plight of Black people in 2016. Check out the full video above.

The budding MC spoke about the inspiration about behind the video:

"I saw the movie "Panther: when I was like 6. We had it on VHS and I remember watching it dozens of times. We typically don't celebrate a lot of things that should be highlighted during this month. The thing about information is if you don't have it, often times you don't know you don't have it. And the "people" that do have it can manipulate it to their choosing. We hear about the violence of the Panther party. But we try to wipe away what it was a reaction to. We disregard the work they did in the community. I've heard them referred to as a terrorist group!

They paint Huey P. Newton as a radical, rebellious thug. Not as a scholar who received his Ph.D. Or who worked and fought for equality. Just as is the case with our history, during Black History Month it starts with slaves. They are very selective to what information we have which trickles down to what we can celebrate."

Fontaine has been making quite a bit of noise on the underground circuit, releasing attention grabbing singles such as “Bobby Brown” and “Hooporeerap.” His success has landed him on some of the biggest platforms in music, while also garnering interest from various major recording labels. Known for his aggressive musical aesthetic, Fontaine always incorporates socially relevant themes in his content.

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