After filing for an appeal last January, it was announced yesterday (February 24) that Remy Ma’s eight-year sentence for a 2007 shooting incident would be upheld. spoke to the Bronx rapstress’ husband, Brooklyn MC Papoose, to find out her thoughts on the legal setback.

Pap, who returned from the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in New York's Westchester County, just minutes ago, was the first person to break the news to Remy. “She wasn’t happy about it, but she understands the situation that she’s in,” he told XXL. “Mentally she’s free, her mind is right. She’s a strong person [and] she’s got strong family around her so she gonna be alright. We just gotta continue to fight.”

The DJ Kay Slay protégé said in order for the verdict in the case to be reversed four out of seven judges had to rule in her favor. Two did,  including the chief judge. “That’s definitely a good sign that somebody is definitely seeing the truth of what’ really going on here, which is the fact that she’s innocent,” he said.

As previously reported, Remy Ma was sentenced to eight years behind bars in May 2008 for assault, weapons possession and coercion charges, stemming from a July 2007 incident in which a friend, Makeda Barnes-Joesph, was shot. The former first lady of Terror Squad had accused her friend of stealing $3,000 from her purse.—Jesse Gissen