Pizza giant Papa John's is in a transition period after current CEO, John Schnatter, recently announced he will be stepping down from his position in January of 2018. Currently in need of a new Chief Executive Officer, the company recently responded to a bright idea from one person on social media of having producer Lil Jon step in.

Twitter user Devin Smith recently proposed the idea noting, "Now that Papa John isn't the CEO at Papa John's, I think the only valid choice for the next CEO is Lil Jon."

After getting wind of he tweet, the Atlanta native responded enthusiastically. "@PapaJohns I WILL HUMBLY ACCEPT THE POSITION AS YOUR NEW CEO. I CAN START IMMEDIATELY 😁," he tweeted.

Surprisingly, and hilariously, he got a joking response from the official Papa John's Twitter account which simply read: "OKAAAY!"

We are sure the contracts are being drafted up as we type. Ha!

The King of Crunk has been busy with other endeavors lately. In October, he opened a kindergarten school in the Asuogyaman district of eastern Ghana. The school, which is named Abomayaw D.A. Kindergarten, opened its doors on (Oct. 12), and Lil Jon, his wife and son were all on hand to see the inaugural day. The school is dedicated to the Abomayaw community and Lil Jon's late mother, Carrie M. Smith.

He has also been back in the studio with Usher trying to rekindle their magic from the mid-2000s.

We think we are safe in assuming pizza tycoon won't be on his plate anytime soon, though.

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