Atlanta's own iLoveMakonnen stopped by Huffington Post Live today (March 10) to promote his upcoming EP Drink More Water 6. With the project scheduled to drop on March 18, iLoveMakonnen and host Alyona Minkovski kicked off the discussion with talk of the EP. But the conversation eventually went towards the possibility of an OVO group album.

When asked if an OVO group album is in the works, iLoveMakonnen revealed that a project from the label does exist.

"Yeah, I can't say too much," iLoveMakonnen said with a smile on his face. "It exists, but we'll just see when it comes out."

As the "Tuesday" rapper tried to remain coy about the album, Minkovski asked about a specific time frame for when the LP might be released.

"Maybe October sometime," iLoveMakonnen responded. "Wouldn't that be great?"

Outside of the OVO talk, iLoveMakonnen also discussed the direction of his next album. The Atlanta artist explained that it will be much different from his previous work.

"I'm gonna do a lot more production on it myself," iLoveMakonnen said. "And try to get more deep and emotional, and make more songs that are less club themed and less dance... You know, more kind of for human emotion, stuff that they can really relate to and go through like depression or happiness, love lost or love gained. You know, stuff like that. Cause I feel like I'm keeping them pretty entertained with dancing and jumping up and down. And we're getting fit and losing weight, so Drink More Water is going good for everybody. And so for my album, I wanna take it slow a little bit and just get a little deeper in our conscious."

According to iLoveMakonnen, fans should expect the currently untitled solo album to be released in the fall or winter of 2016.

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