Throughout Organized Noize's legendary career, the production team never released a project of their own. The men behind some of southern hip-hop's essential cuts finally change that. The Dungeon Family trio has released the Organized Noize EP, their first official release as a group.

The self-titled EP features seven tracks designed to showcase the production skills of Ray Murray, Rico Wade and Sleepy Brown. Organized Noize enlist the help of Dungeon Family members Big Boi, CeeLo Green, Big Rube and Joi along with fellow Atlanta artists 2 Chainz and Scar for vocals.

Organized Noize jumped back into the public eye last year thanks to a documentary about their illustrious run. The Art of Organized Noize, which can be streamed now on Netflix, tells the story of the production team's ascent in the music industry. The film gives viewers a glimpse behind the curtain at the three men responsible for classics like OutKast's "Player's Ball," Goodie Mob's "Cell Therapy," TLC's "Waterfalls" and Cool Breeze's "Watch for the Hook."

Check out the tracklist and Spotify stream for the Organized Noize's EP below. You can also purchase the project on iTunes.

Organized Noize's Organized Noize Tracklist

1. "Anybody Out There" Feat. Joi and Scar
2. "We the Ones" Feat. Big Boi, CeeLo Green, Sleepy Brown and Big Rube
3. "Chemtrails" Feat. Jimmy Brown and Sleepy Brown
4. "Why Can't We" Feat. Sleepy Brown
5. "Kush" Feat. 2 Chainz and Joi
6. "Awesome Lovin" Feat. Sleepy Brown
7. "The Art of Organized Noize"

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