Do you know your Klout score? "Celebrity Reduction Prayer," Open Mike Eagle's Oddisee-produced contribution to Mello Music Group's Persona compilation, picks up where his stellar Dark Comedy left off, picking apart the threads that stitch together our real and digital lives. The Ryan Calavano-directed clip puts a day in Culver City into a digital context. Janitors sign autographs, 9-to-5 existential crises go viral and Mike racks up enough likes to sleep easily. At press time, Eagle had yet to be featured in The National Enquirer; nevertheless, "Reduction Prayer" is one of the year's most innovative videos. Aside from his work on Persona, the Hellfyre Club lynchpin--and Project Blowed alum--has blessed 2015 with an EP, Special Episode of Open Mike EagleThat record is a six-song distillation of Eagle's strengths, from "Morning Show"'s incisive free association to "Still Wide Awake"'s raise-the-half-dead incantations.

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