OMB Peezy hits the heart of the struggle on "Got You," a gripping tune he dropped off last month (June 14).

On the track, which was produced by Drum Dummie, Peezy keeps it all the way real as he starts things off by calling out folks who claim the struggle without experiencing it.

"I know niggas who, who who who, who dying every day, slanging every day, you feel me?" Peezy begins on the song. "I'm talking 'bout robbing every day nigga. That's all they got to do. Bitch ass niggas really spoon, niggas, niggas silver spoon-fed nigga. You feel me, at that, you silver spoon-fed bitch/We ain't even got no muthafuckin' spoon nigga, on my mama."

From there, the Mobile, Ala.-bred artist lets loose bars about clutching pistols and remaining true to the game. "These niggas ain't rappin' what they live like/I've been did that shit, I'm tryna live life/But if you cross me over now, get your shit right/He played gangster, then he told and think he did right," he raps.

With poignant rhymes and a distinctively squeaky voice, the Bay Area-based Peezy has been making waves for well over a year now. Tracks like this one is a big part of the reason why. Here's to hoping we get his debut album soon.

Check out "Got You" below. Watch Peezy's video for "Soulja Life Mentality" when you're done.

OMB Peezy via SoundCloud
OMB Peezy via SoundCloud

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