OG Maco is back with new music, this time teaming up with Larry June for the song "Revenge." Produced by Lex Luger and Kino Beats, the song's beat is littered with vocal samples, adding to the frantic energy of the track.

June steals the show with his verse, rapping, "Clip's so long, I can lean on it/Got damn nigga why you pillow talk/I do the slip-ons with the jeans on/Whip it up, one hand/iPhone 7 in my other hand/Cut a bitch off, Edward Scissorhands."

In April, Larry June dropped off his 11-track mixtape 4 Deep No SleepThe project featured the songs "Larry's Anthem," "Came a Long Way" and "TFM Boyz Freestyle," with production on the mixtape being handled by Nar on the Track, Dolan Beatz, Savage Beats and Hugo Black.

During an interview with XXLJune revealed he started off in hip-hop by making beats but eventually started rapping. Since then, the West Coast rapper has gone on to sign a deal with Warner Bros. Records. "I just kept on doing and opportunities kept on coming," the rapper said. "I never really knew this was going to happen. I never really had any expectations. [Getting] signed was a good experience, I have a great team."

Since signing to Warner Bros., June has also released the EPs Larry, Orange Season and Larry Two.

Listen to OG Maco's and Larry June's latest track, "Revenge," below.

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